Gaining Weight

I gain weight quite a number. It seriously effect my life. My stamina, my health. Everything is haywire.

Its been 4 days, I try my best to walk/run at least 10-30mins a day. I know, its only 4 days, but writing this here, to make me realize, i need to loose weight desperately.

At least, I can see the number 5 infront in this one month. I hope it’s possible, cause I really need it. 🥺

Much thanks to my dearest, Mr S, who always try to help me in my weight losing journey.

When I ask him, lets subscribe gym again, we subscribe, but only last for 1.5 months only, cause we started to extremly busy. 😰

Luckly our contract only for 4 months, so we have ended our contract.

I keep on saying to him, I wish I have a treadmill, so that I can still do some workout at night, after coming back from home.

I do some research, and all quality treadmill are expensive. 🥺

Decided not to purchase, but there is one day last week, I told him, I really wanted a treadmill cause I am stress looking at my weight, and I don’t have time to workout unless I have treadmill and work out from home.

And.. he bought one. 🥺 I should be greatful for whatever I have, not complaining for what I can’t or don’t have.

Thanks sayang. Let’s be more healthy, and loose more weight!